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  • IBM Watson™ Personality Insights is discontinued. Existing instances are supported until 1 December 2021, but as of 1 December 2020, you cannot create new instances. Any instance that exists on 1 December 2021 will be deleted.

    No direct replacement exists for Personality Insights. However, you can consider using IBM Watson™ Natural Language Understanding on IBM Cloud® as part of a replacement analytic workflow for your Personality Insights use cases. You can use Natural Language Understanding to extract data and insights from text, such as keywords, categories, sentiment, emotion, and syntax. For more information about the personality models in Personality Insights, see The science behind the service. {: deprecated} The IBM Watson Personality Insights service enables applications to derive insights from social media, enterprise data, or other digital communications. The service uses linguistic analytics to infer individuals’ intrinsic personality characteristics, including Big Five, Needs, and Values, from digital communications such as email, text messages, tweets, and forum posts. The service can automatically infer, from potentially noisy social media, portraits of individuals that reflect their personality characteristics. The service can infer consumption preferences based on the results of its analysis and, for JSON content that is timestamped, can report temporal behavior.

    • For information about the meaning of the models that the service uses to describe personality characteristics, see Personality models.
    • For information about the meaning of the consumption preferences, see Consumption preferences. Note: Request logging is disabled for the Personality Insights service. Regardless of whether you set the X-Watson-Learning-Opt-Out request header, the service does not log or retain data from requests and responses.
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    public class PersonalityInsights