Class MessageOutput

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class MessageOutput
Assistant output to be rendered or processed by the client.
  • Constructor Details

    • MessageOutput

      public MessageOutput()
  • Method Details

    • getGeneric

      public List<RuntimeResponseGeneric> getGeneric()
      Gets the generic.

      Output intended for any channel. It is the responsibility of the client application to implement the supported response types.

      the generic
    • getIntents

      public List<RuntimeIntent> getIntents()
      Gets the intents.

      An array of intents recognized in the user input, sorted in descending order of confidence.

      the intents
    • getEntities

      public List<RuntimeEntity> getEntities()
      Gets the entities.

      An array of entities identified in the user input.

      the entities
    • getActions

      public List<DialogNodeAction> getActions()
      Gets the actions.

      An array of objects describing any actions requested by the dialog node.

      the actions
    • getDebug

      public MessageOutputDebug getDebug()
      Gets the debug.

      Additional detailed information about a message response and how it was generated.

      the debug
    • getUserDefined

      public Map<String,​Object> getUserDefined()
      Gets the userDefined.

      An object containing any custom properties included in the response. This object includes any arbitrary properties defined in the dialog JSON editor as part of the dialog node output.

      the userDefined
    • getSpelling

      public MessageOutputSpelling getSpelling()
      Gets the spelling.

      Properties describing any spelling corrections in the user input that was received.

      the spelling