Class MessageOutputDebug

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class MessageOutputDebug
Additional detailed information about a message response and how it was generated.
  • Constructor Details

    • MessageOutputDebug

      public MessageOutputDebug()
  • Method Details

    • getNodesVisited

      public List<DialogNodesVisited> getNodesVisited()
      Gets the nodesVisited.

      An array of objects containing detailed diagnostic information about the nodes that were triggered during processing of the input message.

      the nodesVisited
    • getLogMessages

      public List<DialogLogMessage> getLogMessages()
      Gets the logMessages.

      An array of up to 50 messages logged with the request.

      the logMessages
    • isBranchExited

      public Boolean isBranchExited()
      Gets the branchExited.

      Assistant sets this to true when this message response concludes or interrupts a dialog.

      the branchExited
    • getBranchExitedReason

      public String getBranchExitedReason()
      Gets the branchExitedReason.

      When `branch_exited` is set to `true` by the Assistant, the `branch_exited_reason` specifies whether the dialog completed by itself or got interrupted.

      the branchExitedReason