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parent 3.9.1 API

Package Description
Provides access to the Alchemy Language, Vision and DataNews services.
Conversation v1.
Dialog v1 (deprecated).
Discovery v1.
Document Conversation v1.
This package contains interfaces, enumerations and implementations to work with HTTP requests and responses.
Language Translation v1.
Language Translator v1.
Natural Language Classifier v1.
Natural Language Understanding v1.
Personality Insights v2.
Personality Insights v3.
Retrieve and Rank v1.
This package contains a collection of runtime exceptions thrown by the Watson services.
Speech to Text v1.
This package contains interfaces and implementations to work with Websocket in Speech to Text.
Text to Speech v1.
Tone Analyzer v3.
Tradeoff Analytics v1.
Utility classes to detect media types and convert files into input streams.
Visual Recognition v3.  
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