Class UpdateClassifierOptions

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public class UpdateClassifierOptions
The updateClassifier options.
  • Method Details

    • newBuilder

      public UpdateClassifierOptions.Builder newBuilder()
      New builder.
      a UpdateClassifierOptions builder
    • classifierId

      public String classifierId()
      Gets the classifierId.

      The ID of the classifier.

      the classifierId
    • positiveExamples

      public Map<String,​InputStream> positiveExamples()
      Gets the positiveExamples.

      A .zip file of images that depict the visual subject of a class in the classifier. The positive examples create or update classes in the classifier. You can include more than one positive example file in a call.

      Specify the parameter name by appending `_positive_examples` to the class name. For example, `goldenretriever_positive_examples` creates the class `goldenretriever`. The string cannot contain the following characters: ``$ * - { } \ | / ' " ` [ ]``.

      Include at least 10 images in .jpg or .png format. The minimum recommended image resolution is 32X32 pixels. The maximum number of images is 10,000 images or 100 MB per .zip file.

      Encode special characters in the file name in UTF-8.

      the positiveExamples
    • negativeExamples

      public InputStream negativeExamples()
      Gets the negativeExamples.

      A .zip file of images that do not depict the visual subject of any of the classes of the new classifier. Must contain a minimum of 10 images.

      Encode special characters in the file name in UTF-8.

      the negativeExamples
    • negativeExamplesFilename

      public String negativeExamplesFilename()
      Gets the negativeExamplesFilename.

      The filename for negativeExamples.

      the negativeExamplesFilename