Class ClassResult

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public class ClassResult
Result of a class within a classifier.
  • Constructor Details

    • ClassResult

      public ClassResult()
  • Method Details

    • getXClass

      public String getXClass()
      Gets the xClass.

      Name of the class.

      Class names are translated in the language defined by the **Accept-Language** request header for the build-in classifier IDs (`default`, `food`, and `explicit`). Class names of custom classifiers are not translated. The response might not be in the specified language when the requested language is not supported or when there is no translation for the class name.

      the xClass
    • getScore

      public Float getScore()
      Gets the score.

      Confidence score for the property in the range of 0 to 1. A higher score indicates greater likelihood that the class is depicted in the image. The default threshold for returning scores from a classifier is 0.5.

      the score
    • getTypeHierarchy

      public String getTypeHierarchy()
      Gets the typeHierarchy.

      Knowledge graph of the property. For example, `/fruit/pome/apple/eating apple/Granny Smith`. Included only if identified.

      the typeHierarchy