Interface RecognizeCallback

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public interface RecognizeCallback
The recognize callback used during a WebSocket recognition by the SpeechToText service.
  • Method Details

    • onTranscription

      void onTranscription​(SpeechRecognitionResults speechResults)
      Called when a SpeechRecognitionResults was received.
      speechResults - the speech results
    • onConnected

      void onConnected()
      Called when a WebSocket connection was made.
    • onError

      void onError​(Exception e)
      Called when there is an error in the Web Socket connection.
      e - the exception
    • onDisconnected

      void onDisconnected()
      Called when a WebSocket connection was closed.
    • onInactivityTimeout

      void onInactivityTimeout​(RuntimeException runtimeException)
      Called when there is an inactivity timeout.
      runtimeException - the runtime exception
    • onListening

      void onListening()
      Called when the service is listening for audio.
    • onTranscriptionComplete

      void onTranscriptionComplete()
      Called after the service returns the final result for the transcription.