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public class Word
Information about a word from a custom language model.
  • Constructor Details

    • Word

      public Word()
  • Method Details

    • getWord

      public String getWord()
      Gets the word.

      A word from the custom model's words resource. The spelling of the word is used to train the model.

      the word
    • getSoundsLike

      public List<String> getSoundsLike()
      Gets the soundsLike.

      _For a custom model that is based on a previous-generation model_, an array of as many as five pronunciations for the word. The array can include the sounds-like pronunciation that is automatically generated by the service if none is provided when the word is added to the custom model; the service adds this pronunciation when it finishes processing the word.

      _For a custom model that is based on a next-generation model_, this field does not apply. Custom models based on next-generation models do not support the `sounds_like` field, which is ignored.

      the soundsLike
    • getDisplayAs

      public String getDisplayAs()
      Gets the displayAs.

      The spelling of the word that the service uses to display the word in a transcript. The field contains an empty string if no display-as value is provided for the word, in which case the word is displayed as it is spelled.

      the displayAs
    • getCount

      public Long getCount()
      Gets the count.

      _For a custom model that is based on a previous-generation model_, a sum of the number of times the word is found across all corpora and grammars. For example, if the word occurs five times in one corpus and seven times in another, its count is `12`. If you add a custom word to a model before it is added by any corpora or grammars, the count begins at `1`; if the word is added from a corpus or grammar first and later modified, the count reflects only the number of times it is found in corpora and grammars.

      _For a custom model that is based on a next-generation model_, the `count` field for any word is always `1`.

      the count
    • getSource

      public List<String> getSource()
      Gets the source.

      An array of sources that describes how the word was added to the custom model's words resource. * _For a custom model that is based on previous-generation model,_ the field includes the name of each corpus and grammar from which the service extracted the word. For OOV that are added by multiple corpora or grammars, the names of all corpora and grammars are listed. If you modified or added the word directly, the field includes the string `user`. * _For a custom model that is based on a next-generation model,_ this field shows only `user` for custom words that were added directly to the custom model. Words from corpora and grammars are not added to the words resource for custom models that are based on next-generation models.

      the source
    • getError

      public List<WordError> getError()
      Gets the error.

      If the service discovered one or more problems that you need to correct for the word's definition, an array that describes each of the errors.

      the error