Class RegisterCallbackOptions

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public class RegisterCallbackOptions
The registerCallback options.
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    • newBuilder

      public RegisterCallbackOptions.Builder newBuilder()
      New builder.
      a RegisterCallbackOptions builder
    • callbackUrl

      public String callbackUrl()
      Gets the callbackUrl.

      An HTTP or HTTPS URL to which callback notifications are to be sent. To be allowlisted, the URL must successfully echo the challenge string during URL verification. During verification, the client can also check the signature that the service sends in the `X-Callback-Signature` header to verify the origin of the request.

      the callbackUrl
    • userSecret

      public String userSecret()
      Gets the userSecret.

      A user-specified string that the service uses to generate the HMAC-SHA1 signature that it sends via the `X-Callback-Signature` header. The service includes the header during URL verification and with every notification sent to the callback URL. It calculates the signature over the payload of the notification. If you omit the parameter, the service does not send the header.

      the userSecret