Interface ProfileOptions.ContentLanguage

Enclosing class:

public static interface ProfileOptions.ContentLanguage
The language of the input text for the request: Arabic, English, Japanese, Korean, or Spanish. Regional variants are treated as their parent language; for example, `en-US` is interpreted as `en`.

The effect of the **Content-Language** parameter depends on the **Content-Type** parameter. When **Content-Type** is `text/plain` or `text/html`, **Content-Language** is the only way to specify the language. When **Content-Type** is `application/json`, **Content-Language** overrides a language specified with the `language` parameter of a `ContentItem` object, and content items that specify a different language are ignored; omit this parameter to base the language on the specification of the content items. You can specify any combination of languages for **Content-Language** and **Accept-Language**.