Class CreateClassifierOptions

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public class CreateClassifierOptions
The createClassifier options.
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    • newBuilder

      public CreateClassifierOptions.Builder newBuilder()
      New builder.
      a CreateClassifierOptions builder
    • trainingMetadata

      public InputStream trainingMetadata()
      Gets the trainingMetadata.

      Metadata in JSON format. The metadata identifies the language of the data, and an optional name to identify the classifier. Specify the language with the 2-letter primary language code as assigned in ISO standard 639.

      Supported languages are English (`en`), Arabic (`ar`), French (`fr`), German, (`de`), Italian (`it`), Japanese (`ja`), Korean (`ko`), Brazilian Portuguese (`pt`), and Spanish (`es`).

      the trainingMetadata
    • trainingData

      public InputStream trainingData()
      Gets the trainingData.

      Training data in CSV format. Each text value must have at least one class. The data can include up to 3,000 classes and 20,000 records. For details, see [Data preparation](

      the trainingData