Class MessageInputStateless

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public class MessageInputStateless
An input object that includes the input text.
  • Method Details

    • newBuilder

      public MessageInputStateless.Builder newBuilder()
      New builder.
      a MessageInputStateless builder
    • messageType

      public String messageType()
      Gets the messageType.

      The type of the message:

      - `text`: The user input is processed normally by the assistant. - `search`: Only search results are returned. (Any dialog or actions skill is bypassed.)

      **Note:** A `search` message results in an error if no search skill is configured for the assistant.

      the messageType
    • text

      public String text()
      Gets the text.

      The text of the user input. This string cannot contain carriage return, newline, or tab characters.

      the text
    • intents

      public List<RuntimeIntent> intents()
      Gets the intents.

      Intents to use when evaluating the user input. Include intents from the previous response to continue using those intents rather than trying to recognize intents in the new input.

      the intents
    • entities

      public List<RuntimeEntity> entities()
      Gets the entities.

      Entities to use when evaluating the message. Include entities from the previous response to continue using those entities rather than detecting entities in the new input.

      the entities
    • suggestionId

      public String suggestionId()
      Gets the suggestionId.

      For internal use only.

      the suggestionId
    • options

      public MessageInputOptionsStateless options()
      Gets the options.

      Optional properties that control how the assistant responds.

      the options