Class RuntimeEntity

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public class RuntimeEntity
A term from the request that was identified as an entity.
  • Method Details

    • newBuilder

      public RuntimeEntity.Builder newBuilder()
      New builder.
      a RuntimeEntity builder
    • entity

      public String entity()
      Gets the entity.

      An entity detected in the input.

      the entity
    • location

      public List<Long> location()
      Gets the location.

      An array of zero-based character offsets that indicate where the detected entity values begin and end in the input text.

      the location
    • value

      public String value()
      Gets the value.

      The entity value that was recognized in the user input.

      the value
    • confidence

      public Double confidence()
      Gets the confidence.

      A decimal percentage that represents Watson's confidence in the recognized entity.

      the confidence
    • metadata

      public Map<String,​Object> metadata()
      Gets the metadata.

      **Deprecated.** Any metadata for the entity.

      Beginning with the `2021-06-14` API version, the `metadata` property is no longer returned. For information about system entities recognized in the user input, see the `interpretation` property.

      the metadata
    • groups

      public List<CaptureGroup> groups()
      Gets the groups.

      The recognized capture groups for the entity, as defined by the entity pattern.

      the groups
    • interpretation

      public RuntimeEntityInterpretation interpretation()
      Gets the interpretation.

      An object containing detailed information about the entity recognized in the user input.

      For more information about how system entities are interpreted, see the [documentation](

      the interpretation
    • alternatives

      public List<RuntimeEntityAlternative> alternatives()
      Gets the alternatives.

      An array of possible alternative values that the user might have intended instead of the value returned in the **value** property. This property is returned only for `@sys-time` and `@sys-date` entities when the user's input is ambiguous.

      This property is included only if the new system entities are enabled for the workspace.

      the alternatives
    • role

      public RuntimeEntityRole role()
      Gets the role.

      An object describing the role played by a system entity that is specifies the beginning or end of a range recognized in the user input. This property is included only if the new system entities are enabled for the workspace.

      the role