Class ListAllLogsOptions

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public class ListAllLogsOptions
The listAllLogs options.
  • Method Details

    • newBuilder

      public ListAllLogsOptions.Builder newBuilder()
      New builder.
      a ListAllLogsOptions builder
    • filter

      public String filter()
      Gets the filter.

      A cacheable parameter that limits the results to those matching the specified filter. You must specify a filter query that includes a value for `language`, as well as a value for `request.context.system.assistant_id`, `workspace_id`, or `request.context.metadata.deployment`. These required filters must be specified using the exact match (`::`) operator. For more information, see the [documentation](

      the filter
    • sort

      public String sort()
      Gets the sort.

      How to sort the returned log events. You can sort by **request_timestamp**. To reverse the sort order, prefix the parameter value with a minus sign (`-`).

      the sort
    • pageLimit

      public Long pageLimit()
      Gets the pageLimit.

      The number of records to return in each page of results.

      the pageLimit
    • cursor

      public String cursor()
      Gets the cursor.

      A token identifying the page of results to retrieve.

      the cursor