Class DialogNodeOutputGeneric

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DialogNodeOutputGenericDialogNodeOutputResponseTypeChannelTransfer, DialogNodeOutputGenericDialogNodeOutputResponseTypeConnectToAgent, DialogNodeOutputGenericDialogNodeOutputResponseTypeImage, DialogNodeOutputGenericDialogNodeOutputResponseTypeOption, DialogNodeOutputGenericDialogNodeOutputResponseTypePause, DialogNodeOutputGenericDialogNodeOutputResponseTypeSearchSkill, DialogNodeOutputGenericDialogNodeOutputResponseTypeText, DialogNodeOutputGenericDialogNodeOutputResponseTypeUserDefined

public class DialogNodeOutputGeneric

Classes which extend this class: - DialogNodeOutputGenericDialogNodeOutputResponseTypeText - DialogNodeOutputGenericDialogNodeOutputResponseTypePause - DialogNodeOutputGenericDialogNodeOutputResponseTypeImage - DialogNodeOutputGenericDialogNodeOutputResponseTypeOption - DialogNodeOutputGenericDialogNodeOutputResponseTypeConnectToAgent - DialogNodeOutputGenericDialogNodeOutputResponseTypeSearchSkill - DialogNodeOutputGenericDialogNodeOutputResponseTypeChannelTransfer - DialogNodeOutputGenericDialogNodeOutputResponseTypeUserDefined

  • Method Details

    • responseType

      public String responseType()
      Gets the responseType.

      The type of response returned by the dialog node. The specified response type must be supported by the client application or channel.

      the responseType
    • values

      Gets the values.

      A list of one or more objects defining text responses.

      the values
    • selectionPolicy

      public String selectionPolicy()
      Gets the selectionPolicy.

      How a response is selected from the list, if more than one response is specified.

      the selectionPolicy
    • delimiter

      public String delimiter()
      Gets the delimiter.

      The delimiter to use as a separator between responses when `selection_policy`=`multiline`.

      the delimiter
    • channels

      public List<ResponseGenericChannel> channels()
      Gets the channels.

      An array of objects specifying channels for which the response is intended.

      the channels
    • time

      public Long time()
      Gets the time.

      How long to pause, in milliseconds. The valid values are from 0 to 10000.

      the time
    • typing

      public Boolean typing()
      Gets the typing.

      Whether to send a "user is typing" event during the pause. Ignored if the channel does not support this event.

      the typing
    • source

      public String source()
      Gets the source.

      The `https:` URL of the image.

      the source
    • title

      public String title()
      Gets the title.

      An optional title to show before the response.

      the title
    • description

      public String description()
      Gets the description.

      An optional description to show with the response.

      the description
    • altText

      public String altText()
      Gets the altText.

      Descriptive text that can be used for screen readers or other situations where the image cannot be seen.

      the altText
    • preference

      public String preference()
      Gets the preference.

      The preferred type of control to display, if supported by the channel.

      the preference
    • options

      Gets the options.

      An array of objects describing the options from which the user can choose. You can include up to 20 options.

      the options
    • messageToHumanAgent

      public String messageToHumanAgent()
      Gets the messageToHumanAgent.

      An optional message to be sent to the human agent who will be taking over the conversation.

      the messageToHumanAgent
    • agentAvailable

      public AgentAvailabilityMessage agentAvailable()
      Gets the agentAvailable.

      An optional message to be displayed to the user to indicate that the conversation will be transferred to the next available agent.

      the agentAvailable
    • agentUnavailable

      public AgentAvailabilityMessage agentUnavailable()
      Gets the agentUnavailable.

      An optional message to be displayed to the user to indicate that no online agent is available to take over the conversation.

      the agentUnavailable
    • query

      public String query()
      Gets the query.

      The text of the search query. This can be either a natural-language query or a query that uses the Discovery query language syntax, depending on the value of the **query_type** property. For more information, see the [Discovery service documentation](

      the query
    • queryType

      public String queryType()
      Gets the queryType.

      The type of the search query.

      the queryType
    • filter

      public String filter()
      Gets the filter.

      An optional filter that narrows the set of documents to be searched. For more information, see the [Discovery service documentation]([Discovery service documentation](

      the filter
    • discoveryVersion

      public String discoveryVersion()
      Gets the discoveryVersion.

      The version of the Discovery service API to use for the query.

      the discoveryVersion
    • messageToUser

      public String messageToUser()
      Gets the messageToUser.

      The message to display to the user when initiating a channel transfer.

      the messageToUser
    • userDefined

      public Map<String,​Object> userDefined()
      Gets the userDefined.

      An object containing any properties for the user-defined response type. The total size of this object cannot exceed 5000 bytes.

      the userDefined