Class AddImagesOptions

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public class AddImagesOptions
The addImages options.
  • Method Details

    • newBuilder

      public AddImagesOptions.Builder newBuilder()
      New builder.
      a AddImagesOptions builder
    • collectionId

      public String collectionId()
      Gets the collectionId.

      The identifier of the collection.

      the collectionId
    • imagesFile

      public List<> imagesFile()
      Gets the imagesFile.

      An array of image files (.jpg or .png) or .zip files with images. - Include a maximum of 20 images in a request. - Limit the .zip file to 100 MB. - Limit each image file to 10 MB.

      You can also include an image with the **image_url** parameter.

      the imagesFile
    • imageUrl

      public List<String> imageUrl()
      Gets the imageUrl.

      The array of URLs of image files (.jpg or .png). - Include a maximum of 20 images in a request. - Limit each image file to 10 MB. - Minimum width and height is 30 pixels, but the service tends to perform better with images that are at least 300 x 300 pixels. Maximum is 5400 pixels for either height or width.

      You can also include images with the **images_file** parameter.

      the imageUrl
    • trainingData

      public String trainingData()
      Gets the trainingData.

      Training data for a single image. Include training data only if you add one image with the request.

      The `object` property can contain alphanumeric, underscore, hyphen, space, and dot characters. It cannot begin with the reserved prefix `sys-` and must be no longer than 32 characters.

      the trainingData