Class UtteranceAnalysis

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class UtteranceAnalysis
The results of the analysis for an utterance of the input content.
  • Constructor Details

    • UtteranceAnalysis

      public UtteranceAnalysis()
  • Method Details

    • getUtteranceId

      public Long getUtteranceId()
      Gets the utteranceId.

      The unique identifier of the utterance. The first utterance has ID 0, and the ID of each subsequent utterance is incremented by one.

      the utteranceId
    • getUtteranceText

      public String getUtteranceText()
      Gets the utteranceText.

      The text of the utterance.

      the utteranceText
    • getTones

      public List<ToneChatScore> getTones()
      Gets the tones.

      An array of `ToneChatScore` objects that provides results for the most prevalent tones of the utterance. The array includes results for any tone whose score is at least 0.5. The array is empty if no tone has a score that meets this threshold.

      the tones
    • getError

      public String getError()
      Gets the error.

      **`2017-09-21`:** An error message if the utterance contains more than 500 characters. The service does not analyze the utterance. **`2016-05-19`:** Not returned.

      the error