Class ToneAnalysis

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public class ToneAnalysis
The tone analysis results for the input from the general-purpose endpoint.
  • Constructor Details

    • ToneAnalysis

      public ToneAnalysis()
  • Method Details

    • getDocumentTone

      public DocumentAnalysis getDocumentTone()
      Gets the documentTone.

      The results of the analysis for the full input content.

      the documentTone
    • getSentencesTone

      public List<SentenceAnalysis> getSentencesTone()
      Gets the sentencesTone.

      An array of `SentenceAnalysis` objects that provides the results of the analysis for the individual sentences of the input content. The service returns results only for the first 100 sentences of the input. The field is omitted if the `sentences` parameter of the request is set to `false`.

      the sentencesTone