Class SupportedFeatures

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public class SupportedFeatures
Additional service features that are supported with the voice.
  • Constructor Details

    • SupportedFeatures

      public SupportedFeatures()
  • Method Details

    • isCustomPronunciation

      public Boolean isCustomPronunciation()
      Gets the customPronunciation.

      If `true`, the voice can be customized; if `false`, the voice cannot be customized. (Same as `customizable`.).

      the customPronunciation
    • isVoiceTransformation

      public Boolean isVoiceTransformation()
      Gets the voiceTransformation.

      If `true`, the voice can be transformed by using the SSML <voice-transformation> element; if `false`, the voice cannot be transformed. The feature was available only for the now-deprecated standard voices. You cannot use the feature with neural voices.

      the voiceTransformation