Class PromptMetadata

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public class PromptMetadata
Information about the prompt that is to be added to a custom model. The following example of a `PromptMetadata` object includes both the required prompt text and an optional speaker model ID:

`{ "prompt_text": "Thank you and good-bye!", "speaker_id": "823068b2-ed4e-11ea-b6e0-7b6456aa95cc" }`.

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    • newBuilder

      public PromptMetadata.Builder newBuilder()
      New builder.
      a PromptMetadata builder
    • promptText

      public String promptText()
      Gets the promptText.

      The required written text of the spoken prompt. The length of a prompt's text is limited to a few sentences. Speaking one or two sentences of text is the recommended limit. A prompt cannot contain more than 1000 characters of text. Escape any XML control characters (double quotes, single quotes, ampersands, angle brackets, and slashes) that appear in the text of the prompt.

      the promptText
    • speakerId

      public String speakerId()
      Gets the speakerId.

      The optional speaker ID (GUID) of a previously defined speaker model that is to be associated with the prompt.

      the speakerId