Class CreateSpeakerModelOptions

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public class CreateSpeakerModelOptions
The createSpeakerModel options.
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    • newBuilder

      public CreateSpeakerModelOptions.Builder newBuilder()
      New builder.
      a CreateSpeakerModelOptions builder
    • speakerName

      public String speakerName()
      Gets the speakerName.

      The name of the speaker that is to be added to the service instance. * Include a maximum of 49 characters in the name. * Include only alphanumeric characters and `_` (underscores) in the name. * Do not include XML sensitive characters (double quotes, single quotes, ampersands, angle brackets, and slashes) in the name. * Do not use the name of an existing speaker that is already defined for the service instance.

      the speakerName
    • audio

      public InputStream audio()
      Gets the audio.

      An enrollment audio file that contains a sample of the speaker’s voice. * The enrollment audio must be in WAV format and must have a minimum sampling rate of 16 kHz. The service accepts audio with higher sampling rates. It transcodes all audio to 16 kHz before processing it. * The length of the enrollment audio is limited to 1 minute. Speaking one or two paragraphs of text that include five to ten sentences is recommended.

      the audio