Class TrainAcousticModelOptions

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public class TrainAcousticModelOptions
The trainAcousticModel options.
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    • newBuilder

      public TrainAcousticModelOptions.Builder newBuilder()
      New builder.
      a TrainAcousticModelOptions builder
    • customizationId

      public String customizationId()
      Gets the customizationId.

      The customization ID (GUID) of the custom acoustic model that is to be used for the request. You must make the request with credentials for the instance of the service that owns the custom model.

      the customizationId
    • customLanguageModelId

      public String customLanguageModelId()
      Gets the customLanguageModelId.

      The customization ID (GUID) of a custom language model that is to be used during training of the custom acoustic model. Specify a custom language model that has been trained with verbatim transcriptions of the audio resources or that contains words that are relevant to the contents of the audio resources. The custom language model must be based on the same version of the same base model as the custom acoustic model, and the custom language model must be fully trained and available. The credentials specified with the request must own both custom models.

      the customLanguageModelId