Class SupportedFeatures

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public class SupportedFeatures
Additional service features that are supported with the model.
  • Constructor Details

    • SupportedFeatures

      public SupportedFeatures()
  • Method Details

    • isCustomLanguageModel

      public Boolean isCustomLanguageModel()
      Gets the customLanguageModel.

      Indicates whether the customization interface can be used to create a custom language model based on the language model.

      the customLanguageModel
    • isSpeakerLabels

      public Boolean isSpeakerLabels()
      Gets the speakerLabels.

      Indicates whether the `speaker_labels` parameter can be used with the language model.

      **Note:** The field returns `true` for all models. However, speaker labels are supported only for US English, Australian English, German, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish (both broadband and narrowband models) and UK English (narrowband model only). Speaker labels are not supported for any other models.

      the speakerLabels
    • isLowLatency

      public Boolean isLowLatency()
      Gets the lowLatency.

      Indicates whether the `low_latency` parameter can be used with a next-generation language model. The field is returned only for next-generation models. Previous-generation models do not support the `low_latency` parameter.

      the lowLatency