Class SpeechRecognitionResult

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public class SpeechRecognitionResult
Component results for a speech recognition request.
  • Constructor Details

    • SpeechRecognitionResult

      public SpeechRecognitionResult()
  • Method Details

    • isXFinal

      public Boolean isXFinal()
      Gets the xFinal.

      An indication of whether the transcription results are final. If `true`, the results for this utterance are not updated further; no additional results are sent for a `result_index` once its results are indicated as final.

      the xFinal
    • getAlternatives

      public List<SpeechRecognitionAlternative> getAlternatives()
      Gets the alternatives.

      An array of alternative transcripts. The `alternatives` array can include additional requested output such as word confidence or timestamps.

      the alternatives
    • getKeywordsResult

      public Map<String,​List<KeywordResult>> getKeywordsResult()
      Gets the keywordsResult.

      A dictionary (or associative array) whose keys are the strings specified for `keywords` if both that parameter and `keywords_threshold` are specified. The value for each key is an array of matches spotted in the audio for that keyword. Each match is described by a `KeywordResult` object. A keyword for which no matches are found is omitted from the dictionary. The dictionary is omitted entirely if no matches are found for any keywords.

      the keywordsResult
    • getWordAlternatives

      public List<WordAlternativeResults> getWordAlternatives()
      Gets the wordAlternatives.

      An array of alternative hypotheses found for words of the input audio if a `word_alternatives_threshold` is specified.

      the wordAlternatives
    • getEndOfUtterance

      public String getEndOfUtterance()
      Gets the endOfUtterance.

      If the `split_transcript_at_phrase_end` parameter is `true`, describes the reason for the split: * `end_of_data` - The end of the input audio stream. * `full_stop` - A full semantic stop, such as for the conclusion of a grammatical sentence. The insertion of splits is influenced by the base language model and biased by custom language models and grammars. * `reset` - The amount of audio that is currently being processed exceeds the two-minute maximum. The service splits the transcript to avoid excessive memory use. * `silence` - A pause or silence that is at least as long as the pause interval.

      the endOfUtterance