Class CustomWord

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public class CustomWord
Information about a word that is to be added to a custom language model.
  • Method Details

    • newBuilder

      public CustomWord.Builder newBuilder()
      New builder.
      a CustomWord builder
    • word

      public String word()
      Gets the word.

      For the **Add custom words** method, you must specify the custom word that is to be added to or updated in the custom model. Do not include spaces in the word. Use a `-` (dash) or `_` (underscore) to connect the tokens of compound words.

      Omit this parameter for the **Add a custom word** method.

      the word
    • soundsLike

      public List<String> soundsLike()
      Gets the soundsLike.

      An array of sounds-like pronunciations for the custom word. Specify how words that are difficult to pronounce, foreign words, acronyms, and so on can be pronounced by users. * For a word that is not in the service's base vocabulary, omit the parameter to have the service automatically generate a sounds-like pronunciation for the word. * For a word that is in the service's base vocabulary, use the parameter to specify additional pronunciations for the word. You cannot override the default pronunciation of a word; pronunciations you add augment the pronunciation from the base vocabulary.

      A word can have at most five sounds-like pronunciations. A pronunciation can include at most 40 characters not including spaces.

      the soundsLike
    • displayAs

      public String displayAs()
      Gets the displayAs.

      An alternative spelling for the custom word when it appears in a transcript. Use the parameter when you want the word to have a spelling that is different from its usual representation or from its spelling in corpora training data.

      the displayAs