Class AudioResources

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public class AudioResources
Information about the audio resources from a custom acoustic model.
  • Constructor Details

    • AudioResources

      public AudioResources()
  • Method Details

    • getTotalMinutesOfAudio

      public Double getTotalMinutesOfAudio()
      Gets the totalMinutesOfAudio.

      The total minutes of accumulated audio summed over all of the valid audio resources for the custom acoustic model. You can use this value to determine whether the custom model has too little or too much audio to begin training.

      the totalMinutesOfAudio
    • getAudio

      public List<AudioResource> getAudio()
      Gets the audio.

      An array of `AudioResource` objects that provides information about the audio resources of the custom acoustic model. The array is empty if the custom model has no audio resources.

      the audio