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public class Profile
The personality profile that the service generated for the input content.
  • Constructor Details

    • Profile

      public Profile()
  • Method Details

    • getProcessedLanguage

      public String getProcessedLanguage()
      Gets the processedLanguage.

      The language model that was used to process the input.

      the processedLanguage
    • getWordCount

      public Long getWordCount()
      Gets the wordCount.

      The number of words from the input that were used to produce the profile.

      the wordCount
    • getWordCountMessage

      public String getWordCountMessage()
      Gets the wordCountMessage.

      When guidance is appropriate, a string that provides a message that indicates the number of words found and where that value falls in the range of required or suggested number of words.

      the wordCountMessage
    • getPersonality

      public List<Trait> getPersonality()
      Gets the personality.

      A recursive array of `Trait` objects that provides detailed results for the Big Five personality characteristics (dimensions and facets) inferred from the input text.

      the personality
    • getNeeds

      public List<Trait> getNeeds()
      Gets the needs.

      Detailed results for the Needs characteristics inferred from the input text.

      the needs
    • getValues

      public List<Trait> getValues()
      Gets the values.

      Detailed results for the Values characteristics inferred from the input text.

      the values
    • getBehavior

      public List<Behavior> getBehavior()
      Gets the behavior.

      For JSON content that is timestamped, detailed results about the social behavior disclosed by the input in terms of temporal characteristics. The results include information about the distribution of the content over the days of the week and the hours of the day.

      the behavior
    • getConsumptionPreferences

      public List<ConsumptionPreferencesCategory> getConsumptionPreferences()
      Gets the consumptionPreferences.

      If the **consumption_preferences** parameter is `true`, detailed results for each category of consumption preferences. Each element of the array provides information inferred from the input text for the individual preferences of that category.

      the consumptionPreferences
    • getWarnings

      public List<Warning> getWarnings()
      Gets the warnings.

      An array of warning messages that are associated with the input text for the request. The array is empty if the input generated no warnings.

      the warnings