Class ConsumptionPreferences

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public class ConsumptionPreferences
A consumption preference that the service inferred from the input content.
  • Constructor Details

    • ConsumptionPreferences

      public ConsumptionPreferences()
  • Method Details

    • getConsumptionPreferenceId

      public String getConsumptionPreferenceId()
      Gets the consumptionPreferenceId.

      The unique, non-localized identifier of the consumption preference to which the results pertain. IDs have the form `consumption_preferences_{preference}`.

      the consumptionPreferenceId
    • getName

      public String getName()
      Gets the name.

      The user-visible, localized name of the consumption preference.

      the name
    • getScore

      public Double getScore()
      Gets the score.

      The score for the consumption preference: * `0.0`: Unlikely * `0.5`: Neutral * `1.0`: Likely

      The scores for some preferences are binary and do not allow a neutral value. The score is an indication of preference based on the results inferred from the input text, not a normalized percentile.

      the score