Class QueryResultMetadata

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public class QueryResultMetadata
Metadata of a query result.
  • Constructor Details

    • QueryResultMetadata

      public QueryResultMetadata()
  • Method Details

    • getDocumentRetrievalSource

      public String getDocumentRetrievalSource()
      Gets the documentRetrievalSource.

      The document retrieval source that produced this search result.

      the documentRetrievalSource
    • getCollectionId

      public String getCollectionId()
      Gets the collectionId.

      The collection id associated with this training data set.

      the collectionId
    • getConfidence

      public Double getConfidence()
      Gets the confidence.

      The confidence score for the given result. Calculated based on how relevant the result is estimated to be. confidence can range from `0.0` to `1.0`. The higher the number, the more relevant the document. The `confidence` value for a result was calculated using the model specified in the `document_retrieval_strategy` field of the result set. This field is only returned if the **natural_language_query** parameter is specified in the query.

      the confidence