Class AddDocumentOptions

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public class AddDocumentOptions
The addDocument options.
  • Method Details

    • newBuilder

      public AddDocumentOptions.Builder newBuilder()
      New builder.
      a AddDocumentOptions builder
    • projectId

      public String projectId()
      Gets the projectId.

      The ID of the project. This information can be found from the deploy page of the Discovery administrative tooling.

      the projectId
    • collectionId

      public String collectionId()
      Gets the collectionId.

      The ID of the collection.

      the collectionId
    • file

      public InputStream file()
      Gets the file.

      The content of the document to ingest. The maximum supported file size when adding a file to a collection is 50 megabytes, the maximum supported file size when testing a configuration is 1 megabyte. Files larger than the supported size are rejected.

      the file
    • filename

      public String filename()
      Gets the filename.

      The filename for file.

      the filename
    • fileContentType

      public String fileContentType()
      Gets the fileContentType.

      The content type of file. Values for this parameter can be obtained from the HttpMediaType class.

      the fileContentType
    • metadata

      public String metadata()
      Gets the metadata.

      The maximum supported metadata file size is 1 MB. Metadata parts larger than 1 MB are rejected.

      Example: ``` { "Creator": "Johnny Appleseed", "Subject": "Apples" } ```.

      the metadata
    • xWatsonDiscoveryForce

      public Boolean xWatsonDiscoveryForce()
      Gets the xWatsonDiscoveryForce.

      When `true`, the uploaded document is added to the collection even if the data for that collection is shared with other collections.

      the xWatsonDiscoveryForce