Class UpdateCredentialsOptions

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public class UpdateCredentialsOptions
The updateCredentials options.
  • Method Details

    • newBuilder

      public UpdateCredentialsOptions.Builder newBuilder()
      New builder.
      a UpdateCredentialsOptions builder
    • environmentId

      public String environmentId()
      Gets the environmentId.

      The ID of the environment.

      the environmentId
    • credentialId

      public String credentialId()
      Gets the credentialId.

      The unique identifier for a set of source credentials.

      the credentialId
    • sourceType

      public String sourceType()
      Gets the sourceType.

      The source that this credentials object connects to. - `box` indicates the credentials are used to connect an instance of Enterprise Box. - `salesforce` indicates the credentials are used to connect to Salesforce. - `sharepoint` indicates the credentials are used to connect to Microsoft SharePoint Online. - `web_crawl` indicates the credentials are used to perform a web crawl. = `cloud_object_storage` indicates the credentials are used to connect to an IBM Cloud Object Store.

      the sourceType
    • credentialDetails

      public CredentialDetails credentialDetails()
      Gets the credentialDetails.

      Object containing details of the stored credentials.

      Obtain credentials for your source from the administrator of the source.

      the credentialDetails
    • status

      public String status()
      Gets the status.

      The current status of this set of credentials. `connected` indicates that the credentials are available to use with the source configuration of a collection. `invalid` refers to the credentials (for example, the password provided has expired) and must be corrected before they can be used with a collection.

      the status