Class SourceStatus

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public class SourceStatus
Object containing source crawl status information.
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    static interface  SourceStatus.Status
    The current status of the source crawl for this collection.
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    Date getNextCrawl()
    Gets the nextCrawl.
    String getStatus()
    Gets the status.

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    • SourceStatus

      public SourceStatus()
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    • getStatus

      public String getStatus()
      Gets the status.

      The current status of the source crawl for this collection. This field returns `not_configured` if the default configuration for this source does not have a **source** object defined.

      - `running` indicates that a crawl to fetch more documents is in progress. - `complete` indicates that the crawl has completed with no errors. - `queued` indicates that the crawl has been paused by the system and will automatically restart when possible. - `unknown` indicates that an unidentified error has occured in the service.

      the status
    • getNextCrawl

      public Date getNextCrawl()
      Gets the nextCrawl.

      Date in `RFC 3339` format indicating the time of the next crawl attempt.

      the nextCrawl