Class QueryLogOptions

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public class QueryLogOptions
The queryLog options.
  • Method Details

    • newBuilder

      public QueryLogOptions.Builder newBuilder()
      New builder.
      a QueryLogOptions builder
    • filter

      public String filter()
      Gets the filter.

      A cacheable query that excludes documents that don't mention the query content. Filter searches are better for metadata-type searches and for assessing the concepts in the data set.

      the filter
    • query

      public String query()
      Gets the query.

      A query search returns all documents in your data set with full enrichments and full text, but with the most relevant documents listed first.

      the query
    • count

      public Long count()
      Gets the count.

      Number of results to return. The maximum for the **count** and **offset** values together in any one query is **10000**.

      the count
    • offset

      public Long offset()
      Gets the offset.

      The number of query results to skip at the beginning. For example, if the total number of results that are returned is 10 and the offset is 8, it returns the last two results. The maximum for the **count** and **offset** values together in any one query is **10000**.

      the offset
    • sort

      public List<String> sort()
      Gets the sort.

      A comma-separated list of fields in the document to sort on. You can optionally specify a sort direction by prefixing the field with `-` for descending or `+` for ascending. Ascending is the default sort direction if no prefix is specified.

      the sort