Class NormalizationOperation

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public class NormalizationOperation
Object containing normalization operations.
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    • newBuilder

      public NormalizationOperation.Builder newBuilder()
      New builder.
      a NormalizationOperation builder
    • operation

      public String operation()
      Gets the operation.

      Identifies what type of operation to perform.

      **copy** - Copies the value of the **source_field** to the **destination_field** field. If the **destination_field** already exists, then the value of the **source_field** overwrites the original value of the **destination_field**.

      **move** - Renames (moves) the **source_field** to the **destination_field**. If the **destination_field** already exists, then the value of the **source_field** overwrites the original value of the **destination_field**. Rename is identical to copy, except that the **source_field** is removed after the value has been copied to the **destination_field** (it is the same as a _copy_ followed by a _remove_).

      **merge** - Merges the value of the **source_field** with the value of the **destination_field**. The **destination_field** is converted into an array if it is not already an array, and the value of the **source_field** is appended to the array. This operation removes the **source_field** after the merge. If the **source_field** does not exist in the current document, then the **destination_field** is still converted into an array (if it is not an array already). This conversion ensures the type for **destination_field** is consistent across all documents.

      **remove** - Deletes the **source_field** field. The **destination_field** is ignored for this operation.

      **remove_nulls** - Removes all nested null (blank) field values from the ingested document. **source_field** and **destination_field** are ignored by this operation because _remove_nulls_ operates on the entire ingested document. Typically, **remove_nulls** is invoked as the last normalization operation (if it is invoked at all, it can be time-expensive).

      the operation
    • sourceField

      public String sourceField()
      Gets the sourceField.

      The source field for the operation.

      the sourceField
    • destinationField

      public String destinationField()
      Gets the destinationField.

      The destination field for the operation.

      the destinationField