Class ListCollectionFieldsResponse

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public class ListCollectionFieldsResponse
The list of fetched fields.

The fields are returned using a fully qualified name format, however, the format differs slightly from that used by the query operations.

* Fields which contain nested JSON objects are assigned a type of "nested".

* Fields which belong to a nested object are prefixed with `.properties` (for example, `` means that the `warnings` object has a property called `severity`).

* Fields returned from the News collection are prefixed with `v{N}-fullnews-t3-{YEAR}.mappings` (for example, ``).

  • Constructor Details

    • ListCollectionFieldsResponse

      public ListCollectionFieldsResponse()
  • Method Details

    • getFields

      public List<Field> getFields()
      Gets the fields.

      An array containing information about each field in the collections.

      the fields