Class Enrichment

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public class Enrichment
Enrichment step to perform on the document. Each enrichment is performed on the specified field in the order that they are listed in the configuration.
  • Method Details

    • newBuilder

      public Enrichment.Builder newBuilder()
      New builder.
      a Enrichment builder
    • description

      public String description()
      Gets the description.

      Describes what the enrichment step does.

      the description
    • destinationField

      public String destinationField()
      Gets the destinationField.

      Field where enrichments will be stored. This field must already exist or be at most 1 level deeper than an existing field. For example, if `text` is a top-level field with no sub-fields, `` is a valid destination but `` is not.

      the destinationField
    • sourceField

      public String sourceField()
      Gets the sourceField.

      Field to be enriched.

      Arrays can be specified as the **source_field** if the **enrichment** service for this enrichment is set to `natural_language_undstanding`.

      the sourceField
    • overwrite

      public Boolean overwrite()
      Gets the overwrite.

      Indicates that the enrichments will overwrite the destination_field field if it already exists.

      the overwrite
    • enrichment

      public String enrichment()
      Gets the enrichment.

      Name of the enrichment service to call. Current options are `natural_language_understanding` and `elements`.

      When using `natual_language_understanding`, the **options** object must contain Natural Language Understanding options.

      When using `elements` the **options** object must contain Element Classification options. Additionally, when using the `elements` enrichment the configuration specified and files ingested must meet all the criteria specified in [the documentation](

      the enrichment
    • ignoreDownstreamErrors

      public Boolean ignoreDownstreamErrors()
      Gets the ignoreDownstreamErrors.

      If true, then most errors generated during the enrichment process will be treated as warnings and will not cause the document to fail processing.

      the ignoreDownstreamErrors
    • options

      public EnrichmentOptions options()
      Gets the options.

      Options which are specific to a particular enrichment.

      the options