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public class Tables
The contents of the tables extracted from a document.
  • Constructor Details

    • Tables

      public Tables()
  • Method Details

    • getLocation

      public Location getLocation()
      Gets the location.

      The numeric location of the identified element in the document, represented with two integers labeled `begin` and `end`.

      the location
    • getText

      public String getText()
      Gets the text.

      The textual contents of the current table from the input document without associated markup content.

      the text
    • getSectionTitle

      public SectionTitle getSectionTitle()
      Gets the sectionTitle.

      The table's section title, if identified.

      the sectionTitle
    • getTitle

      public TableTitle getTitle()
      Gets the title.

      If identified, the title or caption of the current table of the form `Table x.: ...`. Empty when no title is identified. When exposed, the `title` is also excluded from the `contexts` array of the same table.

      the title
    • getTableHeaders

      public List<TableHeaders> getTableHeaders()
      Gets the tableHeaders.

      An array of table-level cells that apply as headers to all the other cells in the current table.

      the tableHeaders
    • getRowHeaders

      public List<RowHeaders> getRowHeaders()
      Gets the rowHeaders.

      An array of row-level cells, each applicable as a header to other cells in the same row as itself, of the current table.

      the rowHeaders
    • getColumnHeaders

      public List<ColumnHeaders> getColumnHeaders()
      Gets the columnHeaders.

      An array of column-level cells, each applicable as a header to other cells in the same column as itself, of the current table.

      the columnHeaders
    • getBodyCells

      public List<BodyCells> getBodyCells()
      Gets the bodyCells.

      An array of cells that are neither table header nor column header nor row header cells, of the current table with corresponding row and column header associations.

      the bodyCells
    • getContexts

      public List<Contexts> getContexts()
      Gets the contexts.

      An array of objects that list text that is related to the table contents and that precedes or follows the current table.

      the contexts
    • getKeyValuePairs

      public List<KeyValuePair> getKeyValuePairs()
      Gets the keyValuePairs.

      An array of key-value pairs identified in the current table.

      the keyValuePairs