Class SectionTitles

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public class SectionTitles
An array containing one object per section or subsection detected in the input document. Sections and subsections are not nested; instead, they are flattened out and can be placed back in order by using the `begin` and `end` values of the element and the `level` value of the section.
  • Constructor Details

    • SectionTitles

      public SectionTitles()
  • Method Details

    • getText

      public String getText()
      Gets the text.

      The text of the section title, if identified.

      the text
    • getLocation

      public Location getLocation()
      Gets the location.

      The numeric location of the identified element in the document, represented with two integers labeled `begin` and `end`.

      the location
    • getLevel

      public Long getLevel()
      Gets the level.

      An integer indicating the level at which the section is located in the input document. For example, `1` represents a top-level section, `2` represents a subsection within the level `1` section, and so forth.

      the level
    • getElementLocations

      public List<ElementLocations> getElementLocations()
      Gets the elementLocations.

      An array of `location` objects that lists the locations of detected section titles.

      the elementLocations