Class MessageRequest

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public class MessageRequest
A stateful message request formatted for the Watson Assistant service.
  • Method Details

    • newBuilder

      public MessageRequest.Builder newBuilder()
      New builder.
      a MessageRequest builder
    • input

      public MessageInput input()
      Gets the input.

      An input object that includes the input text.

      the input
    • context

      public MessageContext context()
      Gets the context.

      Context data for the conversation. You can use this property to set or modify context variables, which can also be accessed by dialog nodes. The context is stored by the assistant on a per-session basis.

      **Note:** The total size of the context data stored for a stateful session cannot exceed 100KB.

      the context
    • userId

      public String userId()
      Gets the userId.

      A string value that identifies the user who is interacting with the assistant. The client must provide a unique identifier for each individual end user who accesses the application. For user-based plans, this user ID is used to identify unique users for billing purposes. This string cannot contain carriage return, newline, or tab characters. If no value is specified in the input, **user_id** is automatically set to the value of ****.

      **Note:** This property is the same as the **user_id** property in the global system context. If **user_id** is specified in both locations, the value specified at the root is used.

      the userId