Class WorkspaceSystemSettingsDisambiguation

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class WorkspaceSystemSettingsDisambiguation
Workspace settings related to the disambiguation feature.
  • Method Details

    • newBuilder

      New builder.
      a WorkspaceSystemSettingsDisambiguation builder
    • prompt

      public String prompt()
      Gets the prompt.

      The text of the introductory prompt that accompanies disambiguation options presented to the user.

      the prompt
    • noneOfTheAbovePrompt

      public String noneOfTheAbovePrompt()
      Gets the noneOfTheAbovePrompt.

      The user-facing label for the option users can select if none of the suggested options is correct. If no value is specified for this property, this option does not appear.

      the noneOfTheAbovePrompt
    • enabled

      public Boolean enabled()
      Gets the enabled.

      Whether the disambiguation feature is enabled for the workspace.

      the enabled
    • sensitivity

      public String sensitivity()
      Gets the sensitivity.

      The sensitivity of the disambiguation feature to intent detection conflicts. Set to **high** if you want the disambiguation feature to be triggered more often. This can be useful for testing or demonstration purposes.

      the sensitivity
    • randomize

      public Boolean randomize()
      Gets the randomize.

      Whether the order in which disambiguation suggestions are presented should be randomized (but still influenced by relative confidence).

      the randomize
    • maxSuggestions

      public Long maxSuggestions()
      Gets the maxSuggestions.

      The maximum number of disambigation suggestions that can be included in a `suggestion` response.

      the maxSuggestions
    • suggestionTextPolicy

      public String suggestionTextPolicy()
      Gets the suggestionTextPolicy.

      For internal use only.

      the suggestionTextPolicy