Class UpdateDialogNodeNullableOptions

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class UpdateDialogNodeNullableOptions
The updateDialogNodeNullable options.
  • Method Details

    • newBuilder

      New builder.
      a UpdateDialogNodeNullableOptions builder
    • workspaceId

      public String workspaceId()
      Gets the workspaceId.

      Unique identifier of the workspace.

      the workspaceId
    • dialogNode

      public String dialogNode()
      Gets the dialogNode.

      The dialog node ID (for example, `node_1_1479323581900`).

      the dialogNode
    • body

      public Map<String,​Object> body()
      Gets the body.

      The updated content of the dialog node.

      Any elements included in the new data will completely replace the equivalent existing elements, including all subelements. (Previously existing subelements are not retained unless they are also included in the new data.) For example, if you update the actions for a dialog node, the previously existing actions are discarded and replaced with the new actions specified in the update.

      the body
    • includeAudit

      public Boolean includeAudit()
      Gets the includeAudit.

      Whether to include the audit properties (`created` and `updated` timestamps) in the response.

      the includeAudit